Norges Kommunerevisorforbund (NKRF)
= The Norwegian Association of Local Government Auditors

Norwegian Local Government – System of Internal Supervision and Control and External Audit

The aim of this document is to present a description of the Norwegian system of internal supervision and control and external audit in local government based on the Local Government Act and the Ministry’s regulations.

Norwegian Local Government Audit

Presention in English

Local Government in Norway

Informasjonsbrosjyre fra KMD om kommune- og fylkesforvaltning på engelsk

The Norwegian Local Government Act

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(Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation Development - KMD)

Public Administration Act

In english »

(Ministry of Justice and Public Security - JBD)

Guide to Value Added Tax in Norway

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(Norwegian Tax Administration)

Translated Norwegian legislation

Collected by the Faculty of Law Library, University of Oslo »»

Norsk-engelsk ordliste - Word list/Nomenclature/Dictionary

  • Kommunale ord og uttrykk »» (Kilde: Oslo kommune)
  • Diverse ord og uttrykk i det offentlige »» (Kilde:
  • Ord og uttrykk relatert til skatt, avgift o.l. »» (Kilde: Nordisk eTax)

Local government audit – an international survey

(Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR), 2005)